If data cannot move freely, its growth potential is limited

In the increasingly digitised European economy, business success is determined by access to high-quality, real-time data. The autocare and mobility services industries, consisting of vehicle parts suppliers, test equipment manufacturers, independent repairers, leasing services and car hire companies, is no exception. Connected car developments will mean big things for the sector, but only if continued direct access to high quality data is ensured, to drive fast, competitive services and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

This digital growth potential relies on the markets offering vehicle parts, diagnostic tools, servicing and repair maintaining their directreal-time access to vehicle data. As consumer expectations ‘go digital’, we must make sure that new methods of connecting to the car’s data remain standardised and interoperable throughout the sector. This will ensure that all service providers are on a level playing field, nobody is excluded from competing equally in the market and consumers continue to have a choice.

A standardised interoperable in-vehicle platform is the only way to guarantee that the independent autocare service providers continue to thrive, benefiting consumers, businesses and employees across Europe.

That’s why it is vital that European legislators propose a policy framework which ensures that independent service providers can continue to access in-vehicle data directly and in real time