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High-quality, real-time data access is essential to business success. This is especially important in the independent automotive aftermarket and mobility services sector, where 3.5 million people work hard in more than 500.000 companies to assure affordable mobility for consumers across the EU.


In the increasingly digitised European economy, accessing high-quality, real-time data is a decisive factor to business success. In the AutoCare industry of vehicle related services, data availability, speed of access as well as the possibility to apply our own business model applications determine both, the service quality and consumer choice.


Replacement parts distributors

A replacement parts distributor explains how they can optimise the fast and accurate delivery of parts, by using their own in-vehicle applications and live data to accurately predict what parts are needed and when. 

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Diagnostic tool manufacturers

A diagnostic tool manufacturer describes how direct access to live in-vehicle data allows him to develop innovative diagnostic procedures and how this supports the vehicle repair value chain.

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Publishers of technical information

A publisher of technical information tells how access to real-time data helps deliver smart information services that ensure a fully optimised repair process for the benefit of both businesses and consumers. 

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vehicle leasing services

A vehicle leasing service provider describes how the direct access to live in-vehicle data has transformed their competitive service offer, perfectly illustrating the benefits of the digital economy. 

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